Working With Business

Green issues relating to sustainability are of interest to many businesses.

We report about hundreds of worthwhile green issues, perspectives, and solutions. Our information comes form many valuable sources that are reporting to the public. These entities provide an important information source for the Green Streets Wire.

Our goal is to involve businesses in what we do on the green end of the spectrum. We work with participating businesses, providing:

Businesses working with Green Streets are able to use our information aggregation services, as well as partake in the collective expertise we deliver.

Our information programs will soon include training, participation, and social media programs, plus the number of events it plans to launch.

Providing Businesses with a Component Approach to Green Marketing

Our component approach to delivering and packaging green information creates a foundation from which Green Streets can market public affairs, customer affinity and information products directly to businesses. With these green tools at their disposal, relevant green issues and solutions can be customized and branded by businesses wanting to develop their own green brand or seek employee or customer involvement.

Green Streets will offer businesses a number of public relations tools that will showcase a particular company’s involvement and commitment to issues relating to the well-being of life on earth.

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