Biodiesel Basic Starter Kit
Basic Starter Kit $19.75

Utah Biodiesel Basic Starter Kit

This kit is perfect for science fairs, class projects, workshops, or for anyone that would like to see how simple making Biodiesel really can be. We've included nearly everything you'll need to make a batch in pre-measured amounts. We even include the safety gear necessary to keep yourself safe! If you're looking for a safe and effective way to learn how to make this exciting renewable fuel or just need a demo kit to show others how it can be made, this kit is perfect!

Kit Capabilities:  Produce (1) 350 mL Batch Of Biodiesel With Supplied Oil

Utah Biodiesel Deluxe Starter Kit
Deluxe Biodiesel Starter Kit $48.95

Utah Biodiesel Deluxe Biodiesel Starter Kit

This kit expands on the kit above. Not only will you be able to make a small batch of Biodiesel from new oil, but with this kit you can expand into making Biodiesel from waste oils! We've added everything the basic kit has plug enough KOH to make ten 8 oz batches. You just supply methanol (commonly available from a local store as the yellow bottle of HEET brand gas drier). We've also included a bottle of Phenolphthalein, a 150 gram digital scale, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, 3 titrating syringes, 3 titration beakers, 2 large mixing beakers, a 1 liter carboy, a small liquid funnel, a 400 micron 5 gallon oil strainer, and a pair of upgraded heavy duty safety gloves.

Kit Capabilities
Filter Waste Vegetable Oil Down To 400 Microns
Produce Up To (10) 8 oz Batches Of Biodiesel From New Or Used Oil (with included catalyst)
Perform Titrations On Waste Vegetable Oils For Biodiesel Production
Perform Conversion Testing On Finished Biodiesel

Utah Biodiesel Ultimate Starter Kit
Ultimate Biodiesel Starter Kit $94.95

Utah Biodiesel Ultimate Biodiesel Starter Kit

If you're one that just has to have it all, then this kit is for you! We've taken our deluxe starter kit and extended it even further! We give you everything to make up to 10 500 mL test batches. Whether you want to make Biodiesel from used or new oil, this kit will get you started in the right direction and do it in style! We give you everything in the Deluxe Starter Kit plus upgrade the Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) to 2 lbs, increase the methanol to a full liter, and then add on a really nice mini magnetic stirrer and 2 50 mL lab grade Erlenmeyer flasks.

This kit is perfect for all of the reasons we've listed on the other kits plus it gives you the ability to do titrations in style (in real glassware with a magnetic stirrer!) Not only is it a great demonstration kit, but it's a real, workable kit for making mini batches one after the other (something Biodiesel enthusiasts do on a regular basis). The magnetic stirrer alone makes doing titrations much easier (check out our video on it in action!) and the added glassware, methanol, and catalyst makes a great addition to your lab! If you're after the perfect kit for getting started right, then this is the one you're after!

Kit Capabilities
Filter Waste Vegetable Oil Down To 400 Microns
Produce Up To 5 Liters Of Biodiesel From New Or Used Oil (with included methanol & catalyst)
Perform Titrations On Waste Vegetable Oils For Biodiesel Production
Perform Conversion Testing On Finished Biodiesel

Utah Biodiesel Mini Titration Kit
Mini Titration Kit $18.99

Utah Biodiesel Mini Titration Kit

This little kit has the bare essentials needed for doing a titration for Biodiesel production. It includes three color coded labeled syringes (oil, alcohol, and titration solution), six sampling vials, three collection cups, and a small digital scale for weighing out the catalyst with.

The sampling vials are perfect for doing the actual titration in because they seal tightly for mixing everything up. The sampling cups work great for pouring out the different solutions into, and having color coded labeled syringes keeps them from getting cross contaminated. The scale is great for measuring out a gram of catalyst as it's accurate down to 0.05 of a gram and the lighted display comes in handy too.

We don't include any chemicals with this kit as it's just the bare bones basics. If you need a more complete kit, be sure to look at our other titration kits below.

Utah Biodiesel Basic Titration Kit
Basic Titration Kit $42.95

Utah Biodiesel Basic Titration Kit

We've teamed up with Nebraska Biopro to bring you one of the most complete Biodiesel Titration Kits on the market! This kit is the perfect kit for beginners and experienced biodieselers alike. It comes with all of the labware and chemicals you'll need to get started performing titrations on waste vegetable oil in preparation to converting it into biodiesel.

The 1000 mL Graduated pitcher is perfect for mixing up the titration solution and the sealable bottle is just the right size for storing the solution. The 100 mL beakers are the exact size to allow you to do quick titrations with. The easy to use syringes and pipets make simple work of doing a titration. The kit even includes a starter pack of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) catalyst so you can get started titrating right away.

The kit also comes with a convenient pouring funnel, extra thick safety gloves, and what we believe to be the best indicator, phenolphthalein, for doing titrations with. Also included is a handy Jennings 150 gram scale that's accurate down to .05 grams. It also comes with a complete set of instructions on how to titrate. Packaged all together, you've got one of the best and most complete titration kits around to help you get started

Utah Biodiesel Delux Titration Kit
Deluxe Titration Kit $84.95

Utah Biodiesel Deluxe Titration Kit

If you want the ultimate titration kit, this one's for you! In addition to the items in our Basic Titration Kit, we've added a nice 250 Glass Flask, a 50 mL Glass Flask, and a Porta Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer. By using the glass flasks, you'll get an extra clear picture of what's going on during titrations plus it'll wow all your friends too!