250 mL Eastar™ Resin Bottle $3.89

.250 Liter Lunchbox Bottle

Bamboo Lunch Bag
100% Bamboo Lunch Bag $22.49

100 percent Bamboo Lunch Bag

The BEST reusable lunch bag!

1L SS Bottle
1L SS Bottle $15.95

1 Liter Stainless Steel Bottle

12oz Children's Bottle
12 oz. SS Children's Bottle $11.95

12 oz. children’s bottle with sippy cap

12 oz Seriously Safe Stainless Steel with Sippy Cap. #304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. CPSIA Tested Safe, meaning it contains no Lead or Phthalates! Comes with a Polyethelene cap(BPA Free) and a silicone nipple.

Being green begins at the roots; start your kids consciously. Also, New Wave's Sports Cap and Stainless Steel Cap fits this bottle.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans
All Varieties $12.00 / pound

Sunshine World Coffees

High in the mountains of the Celaque region of Honduras is the birthplace of Finca Isis Estate Coffee. Each strictly high grown coffee berry is nurtured and picked at its peak in our carefully tended acreage. To further ensure outstanding flavor, Finca Isis Estate Coffee is European processed under strict supervision and is awarded the highest marks for quality.

Located near the borders of Guatemala and El Salvador in the Department of Lempira, our finca is within site of the Celaque mountain range. Finca Isis offers panoramic views of this most beautiful area in Honduras.

Coffee Beans on the tree
Growing coffee beans

Our coffee is grown at 1400 m. or 4600 ft. giving us a certification of strictly high grown, or SHG, quality. Also, because our finca is atop a mountain, all of our coffee is hand-picked and later hand-selected in our own beneficio for absolute quality. Beginning in December, our cortadores (coffee pickers) begin to harvest the cherries during the “first pick” or corte. Our harvest continues until the end of April when pickers are on the last pick, and strip the last of the remaining coffee from the trees in order to facilitate flowering for the next harvest. What does this imply you may ask?? Our coffee doesn’t leave the tree until it has reached maturity and is of the utmost character, which in turn means better tasting coffee.

The most important part of our finca is the people we work with. Not only do they work with us, but in many cases have small coffee fincas of their own. Their life is coffee and so is ours.

Sunshine World Coffees  Rocky Mountain Roasted

Full City Roast (medium): $12.00 / lb.

Vienna Roast (dark): $12.00 / lb.

Flavored coffees in a Full City Roast: $12.00 / lb.

Gift Packs

Best Organics Choc-A-LOT $30.00
SALE!!! $24.00

Best Organics Choc-A-LOT!

Choc-A-LOT! - One of Boulder Organic's most popular Collections, the Choc-A-LOT! is sure to deliver happiness! Whether you dabble in the decadent word of chocolate, or you're an all-star chocolate connoisseur, you'll love the variety of cocoa flavors in this convenient Collection. From the traditional dark bar, to the unique cocoa tea, to the hearty chocolaty oats, you’ll love having them in front of you all at once!

Quicktour Gift pack
Best Organics Quicktour $ 30.00
SALE!!! $24.00

Best Organics Quicktour

If you’d like to sample why Boulder is the center of the organics world, the Quick Tour is the Collection for you. The sun cups are delectable, the lemon tarts are refreshing, and the peanut brittle is crunchy goodness. What a convenient and economical way to delight so many senses!

Grand Tour Gift pack
Best Organics Grand Tour $56.00
SALE!!! $44.80

Best Organics Grand Tour

Grand Tour - The Grand Tour is our premier Collection and exemplifies what we’re known for: healthy living, high quality, good value, and cutting-edge products. With ease, you can share delights that are sure to please the palette and senses. Your Grand Tour includes a fun, economical array of fine organics, and represents Boulder’s pioneering past and modeling of a healthy, wonderful future!

Crowd Pleaser Gift pack
Best Organics Crowd Pleaser $72.00
SALE!!! $57.60

Best Organics Crowd Pleaser

For a gift that demands attention this is sure to succeed. Our Crowd Pleaser is designed with sharing in mind - lots of decadent chocolate, sweet tarts, crunchy peanut brittle, energy packed bars, perfectly roasted coffee and soothing tea - it’s a celebration!

Best Organics Culinary Gift pack
Best Organics Culinary $54.00
SALE!!! $43.20

Best Organics Culinary

For those who love creating culinary delights, the Culinary Box offers an aromatic, flavorful experience with bio-degradable clean up support, too. With vibrant spices, fine tea, special flavors to enhance, this array offers tastes that are sometimes exotic, tangy, savory, or fruity. Where would your taste buds like to go today?