Cosmetics and make up

4 main rules of perfect makeup

Every woman has her secrets. However, with all their diversity, there are 4 basic principles, adhering to which you can always look perfect:

Create an even tone. Cosmetics should hide flaws and inflammation, but it should not be visible on the skin.
Eyebrows. They make the image expressive and well-groomed. The color of the eyebrows should be natural.
Attention to detail. A carelessly drawn arrow or an uneven lip contour immediately spoil the overall impression of the image.
Keep a balance. If you focus on the eyes, avoid bright lipstick. Do not overload the image with too bright colors.
How to use cosmetics correctly
A few rules on the use of basic makeup products will help you learn how to create your own image yourself.

Step-by-step application of cosmetics
Foundation cream

Apply the cream on a wide flat brush and spread it evenly over the skin from the center of the face to the edges


It is applied with a special small dense brush to individual zones and carefully shaded


Using a brush or sponge, apply the product to the areas that need to be highlighted and blend thoroughly with your fingertips


Apply to the protruding parts of the cheekbones and blend to the earlobe


It is applied to the tonal base. It is applied pointwise to the problem area and shaded with a sponge


The last stage. Use a special brush or powder puff to apply to the skin. Remove excess with a clean, wide brush

Help! Concealer and highlighter are applied over the foundation.



Any makeup begins with the preparation of the face: the use of tonic and moisturizer. After the procedures done, you need to apply a makeup base. It serves as a kind of protective layer between the skin and the foundation. And also on top of the primer, the foundation is applied more evenly, there is less risk of rolling, its durability increases significantly.

Makeup bases come in different structures. Each is selected according to the individual characteristics of the skin:

cream bases are considered universal and suitable for each of the skin types;
water-based liquid primers (sold in pipette bottles) are most suitable for owners of oily skin;
primers with a gel texture cope with the problem of light dryness of the skin and perfectly align the complexion to obtain a matte effect, a matte primer is applied under makeup. This base is suitable for girls with skin prone to greasiness.

Ladies with dry skin are recommended to use a moisturizing primer. It contains components that take care of the dermis, nourishing and saturating it with minerals.

If there are problems with a pale complexion and dull skin, then primers with a radiance effect do an excellent job with this task. Reflective shiny particles in the makeup base will make the effect of “glowing from the inside” of the face and give it a healthy and rested look.

To look beautiful and impressive at a party, it is better to do evening makeup, not wedding, for example. There are such types of make-up: Evening Wedding Permanent Daytime (casual) Business Stage Romantic Lifting If you have plans to go to a party, a restaurant or some kind of holiday, an evening make-up is ideal for your image. Evening makeup is a bright and expressive image. This kind of Make up will allow any girl to stand out from others. Since the girl will “show off” her beautifully made-up face in the evening, it is worth considering that the light will be muted everywhere. Therefore, makeup should be bright and catchy, it should be in harmony with your hairstyle and image. Shadows are better to use bright or shiny, with the help of eyeliner you can draw small arrows. If your eyes are expressive, then you should not paint your lips in bright colors. You can use glitter or light-colored lipstick.