Cosmetics and make up

Wedding Make up

One of the most important days in a girl’s life is, of course, a wedding. The bride will be in the attention of guests, relatives and, of course, the camera operators all day. That’s why you shouldn’t work too hard on your makeup.

It is better to choose a tonal basis for the tone of the face, paint the eyes with light and delicate colors. You can use eyeliner or a liquid pencil to bring the upper eyelid a little. For lips, it is better to use light cosmetics, or just emphasize the tone with a gloss. Too bright makeup in accordance with a white dress will look defiant and vulgar.

Permanent makeup

Now young people, and especially guys, appreciate the natural beauty in a girl. But many people spend a lot of time even just to apply a tonal foundation and emphasize the eyes. Permanent makeup significantly reduces all this time. With the help of permanent makeup, girls make makeup drains, where they most often bring beauty. These areas include eyebrows, eyes and lips. In other words, as they call it in everyday life, we can say that it is tattooing. You can draw your eyebrows. Draw small arrows and outline the contour of the lips. You will no longer have to spend money on decorative cosmetics and the process itself. This make-up will last from 2 to 7 years. But do not forget that such procedures can have their consequences. An allergic reaction may occur, after using the procedure there are slight redness

Stage makeup

Stage makeup differs from all the others in that there are no prohibitions. Unlike everyday or wedding makeup, it is allowed to highlight everything in such a make-up. For the stage, this option is ideal, you can do and highlight eyebrows, lips, eyes, cheeks as you wish, the brighter the better. Be sure to make big and thick eyelashes. In the spotlight, your personality may stand out or disappear. Romantic Going on a date, a girl always wants to look 100%. but at the same time gentle and natural. For such an evening, romantic makeup will suit your image. It should be natural and extraordinary. The tones of the shadows should be light, purple, beige or a soft pink tone will suit here. The most important thing in romantic makeup that should be highlighted is, of course, the lips. For such cases, it is better to use bright colors, red or coral, for example.